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Ice Wind Valley


  In a lost and devastated land, the city of Devias still stands as a symbol of          strength and endurance. Even after all the destruction Kundun has wrought,    she stands, her freezing winds revealing the snow that has been stained with      blood for over A thousand years.

 This cold land that forged brave soldiers and that in the past was     deserted, being        defended by only a few guards, now cries out to its         mightiest warriors.

Show up to prove your worth in a battle that will determine which armada will be      the leader of all armies under the Castle Lord's command! Thus, making this fortress remain impenetrable until peace is restored on the continent of MU.

Who will conquer the throne of Devias?!


Membership/Guild Registration Time: 13:50 pm (UTC)
War Start Time: 14:00 pm (UTC)
War Day: Everyday!



Minimum members for guild registration: 5

Maximum members for guild registration: 80

Price for registration of each guild: Free

Register: Automatic, walk into castle during event to auto register your guild.

Server where the event will take place: Server 1


Prize for the leader of the winning guild: 

- 1x Castle Siege Box (Drops the same items as Senior Mix) (Drops on GM character)
- 1000 WCoins (All members)
- 1000 Gens Contribution Points (All members)
 For guild members to claim the reward they have to be in the castle area during the event.
 Players may demand from their guild master to share the prize.


- Guilds must accumulate 10 minutes on the throne to win the war. The first to accumulate 2 minutes of throne will win the war.

- Only the Guild Master of the Guild will be able to accumulate time on the throne.

- If the player who is on the throne is somehow removed, it will be considered as leaving the throne (Earthquake, Lighting, Etc...)

- When starting the event, players will be pulled to the city and the only way to get to Devias 3 will be walking (The move to Devias 3 is disabled during the event).

- The counter will not go up if the player occupying the throne is using a mount

- Alliances will not take effect in the event and each participating guild must register

- Players who are not in a participating guild will be invisible during the war to be able to watch

Posted21 / 07 / 2022